Wednesday, 14 December 2011

too big shoes

As I mentioned before, I was working on some project which I decided later to let go. This was a good and important lesson for me as the project became too big for me (technique -wise).
I was hoping it won't be that bad, but it was. I had a huge problem with simplification and persuading what I would love to do with my current abilities. So they are some drawings I made..

I can't really tell anything about the story and book itself  as it is still ongoing project, but my drawings are far too realistic even for me..:)

Next one is one of the versions I made working on the main character, but still too realistic, too old I think (the character is between 3-5 years old, that what I can tell and she is the mischievous one)

I was drawing and drawing and I was making just circles. I couldn't transform my drawings in a way I would be happy with so I stopped. I wish I could do better, but at least I have learnt a lot!

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