Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Liliana, she is my oldest Little Princess, can't believe she will be eight in June! With age comes awareness as well, it is quite hard to catch her not posing really, she loves pulling faces and all those funny shapes with her legs and hands! Wish me luck! Love them All to bits.


Matylda...She doesn't always like when I take her pictures but I find something very magnetic in her "not now MOM!" pose....


Little Sweet Pea - Aurelia, she is nine months old now..and the fun just started...!

Saturday, 21 February 2015

A Year for Growth. Surprise yourself !

I have read a little but great and inspirational (as always) post at art is a way and I have decided to mentally join in.
Yes! Surprise yourself. I just love that idea of challenging yourself and pushing a bit further. Not for others pleasure and expectations, not from destructive feeling of obligation, but simply for yourself. Sometimes we are our worst enemies to battle with, the inner voice of critique and disbelief. Take small steps, change the shoes, jump where you always use to walk, walk where you always use to run. Don't moan about how far it is, or how hard it is gonna be or how much time it is gonna take. Change doesn't happen over night. Putting things off isn't going to make it happen faster either, does it?
I really like 52 project challenge idea and I wanted to join one a long time ago, but as I have three small kids
I have to be realistic with time and what I can really count on.
To stay true to myself but to not to feel already like a failure after just week three... (and taking everything
into account)

There: here is my own 52 project challenge for this year 2015:

I am challenging myself this year to:

 make something every week (be creative - 52 weeks project!) and that includes:
- make at least one finished illustration per month (ideally two)
- be creative every day, live creatively: smell, see, listen, eat, prey and laugh!
- sketch more, read more
- bake something nice for the weekend at least twice a month
- do more with my little kiddos as they grow soo fast
- take more photos, the Little Land visual journal where the little people run, dance, splash and have fun!
- be present (oh,this is the hardest one, as I tend to shift between past and future all the time)

. . . 
                                    "(...) Whatever your reasons for starting a project-whether crass 
                                    or noble-they have to be clear unencumbered. Obligation is a flimsy 
                                   base for creativity, way down the list behind passion, courage, instinct, 
                                   and the desire to do something great (...)"  
                                                                                                        Twyla Tharp

Feel welcome to say hello! join in or be just the witness of my journey this year...