Friday, 30 December 2011

out and about

We had a great Christmas Time this year, no haste, no gripping, everything was just right and on time. We even had a little bit of snow! On Tuesday we went to the park and it was so so quiet, not sure if because of this tiny amount of snow, or just the hour was to early, but we where the only people on the playground when we came! We had a coffee and lovely shortbread biscuits, kids had fun and so where we! I just relaxed myself and enjoyed the moment. I have to admit it is not an easy task for me. I try to remember advices from other parents whose children are grown-ups already. Mainly to relax and let go more often, but it is so hard to remember  that children grow fast and sooner than we think we will REALLY miss morning arguments about which dress to wear or what to eat or not to eat for breakfast...

My main struggle is time for myself to create. I read a great book on the subject (A Question of Balance: Artists and Writers on Motherhood), interviews with artists from different fields, how they coped ...conclusion? Almost in each interview they advised to establish career first and then have kids, and almost in each one of them they mentioned about  bunch of helpers (grannies, babysitters, husbands who also happen to work from home or who finish work early enough to be helpful...) Well...I don't have any of that and I didn't finish to read the book either as I felt mad!!!
I am wondering now, how do you cope? How  do you manage to run the house with small kids, and find time to be creative? How do you do this without any help? What is the trick? Any advices welcome!

Anyway, here we are on those last days of this year, resting and relaxing, just me my husband, the kids and sun (and shortbreads of course)! Perfect.

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  1. Love your photos of the children. It is very hard trying to get that bit of creative time! I had the career in art, but it wasn't really until my son was at school that I got the time, even then it seemed so rushed! It's funny, but I don't remember the work (art) from then, but I DO remember fondly the things we did with our young son. He's all grown up now. and disappears off with friends much of the time. Is there a lesson here? X