Monday, 27 April 2015

work in progres....sketches

I keep myself busy lately, ideas flying around like butterflies in the summer. I try to stay low with the amount of mediums I use as I don't feel confident enough to execute my ideas just yet. So.. I keep drawing with my beloved pencils for now, trying to add some color with crayons and hopefully experiment with watercolors as a final touch at some point in the future. Patience..something I need to master as well. Kitty-a-day everyday in May and Calendar Girls seem to be good projects to start with...having more to come. Stay tuned.


An amazing thing about children, kids, babies is they are attracted to water as well as to the fire. It intrigues them deeply and I can't blame them as it is something fascinating and hypnotizing about both. My little girls can't go by a puddle without trying to have a go and a bit of fun. On my walk home from the nursery Matylda have to jump and splash in every, even the tinniest bit of water she sees. I found it quite funny and inspiring. I still can clearly remember myself digging out dirt and making water castles out of the mud. The best play ever, especially if you have some stones around as well. As a result of our latest walk I did a sketch. I still need to work on it and add some dynamic but at first it was this multitude of colors reflecting in that puddle and surrounding that inspired me.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Liliana 04/12

I have to say I am blessed with my family. I am a proud mum to three wonderful spirits, Liliana seems to be so delicate and sensitive, always surprises me with her mature thoughts and carefulness. She loves nature and it gives me a great joy watching her filling up the space with beautiful things she creates around her.