Friday, 12 February 2016

Bits and pieces...

And here We have a New Year already, moreover - nearly two months in! Time flies, and me...well, it is very wet this year in Glasgow, not the best weather for outdoors sessions and quite gloomy to draw as well...But as always, I made myself busy and I had a bit of "clay time" lately to fresh up my mind and give way for some new ideas. I find skipping between mediums very useful, it helps me recharge my creative flow and get a bit of distance to what I am actually work on. As you probably already know (or not) - I love brooches, I am a brooch lady, I just can't have enough of them. Brooches, twigs, flowers and birds, what more I could ask for? I hope you will like them as much as I do...I also manage to create some pendants on the way, a little limited collection perfect for summer. I have to do some more photo shoots when I still have them as they fly away to new homes quite quick.

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