Tuesday, 17 March 2015

on my table...spring

I have a little illustration (or quite a few) in mind for a while now... I just found out that it is fairly easy to create and idea but to execute it up to ones expectations...it is a completely different story. I made a watercolor sketch and it turned out I really need to work on my color mixing and gaining my confidence back. It is not a surprise for me (being away from a medium for so long always put some rust on the skills) but in the same time I feel really intimidated by it.

                                                           "(...) You have to work as hard to protect your skill 
                                                                   as you did to develop them(...)"
                                                                                               - Twyla Tharp

Lesson learned the hard way...The most important for me now is that I feel extreme joy and fullness every time I manage to paint in the evening. In that little studio of mine, no matter how tired I am and despite my failures I feel on "just the right spot" and in "just the right time" and that is happiness for me. Being aware of the long journey in front of me, not knowing where my ideas and creative problems will lead me in the end, makes me feel a bit worry and exited at the same time. I hope it will be interesting enough for you to come along and hang around for a while with me here.


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