Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Tilly and Lilly's adventures

I am working on a new project now. I want to decorate my little girl's room with my own works. I have never put anything I did on the wall, at least not yet...But I am determined now to make this project happen.

I did the drawing already, but still looking for the best way to apply colour to it. The best medium I feel the most comfortable with is the pencil...line work. Colour? I love watercolours, but I would like to take it little further, but not to overwork...will see... I hope Matylda and Lila will like it when it is done.

In a meantime I walked upon my old drawings, when Liliana who is nearly 5 now, was just ten months old!

I remember it was soo difficult to catch her in one place. I use to have few drawings started in one time and just shift from one to the other while she was moving between her usual positions...

One more thing, I added Liliana's gallery on my blog so you can check it out and see how clever my little girl is!


  1. Hello! This is a lovely illustration and wish you good luck with your project! I've seen your illustrations and i think they are really great!
    I didn't understand something. You probably studied art and haven't been drawing for a while because of working on a different area. Am i right? I think you should go on and I'm looking forward to see the last version of this flying cup illustration!
    Nice to meet you by the way :)

  2. Hello:)

    Thanks for your lovely comment, and hopefuly see you back here sometime to check up on the progress!