Sunday, 26 February 2012


A while ago (a huge while...) I have started a project...It was when my older daughter was born.
I wanted to make an illustration with letters from her name. I was going to frame it and hang in our nursery. I didn't. Five years later, I have another little girl, and I am determined to finish it this time around, except I have to do it for Matylda as Liliana is too old for teddy bears, now she would be pleased with some princesses instead...

I still have my original drawings and ideas. Those are only a few from my drawer.

When I first started doing them I didn't know I have to do them in a much bigger size than the actuall illustrations will be in print so I was strugelling a lot with details. Luckily after two or three I realized my mistake and started paint them in A4 format. I still have two illustrations from my old lot, here is one of them:

The latest are a lot better than this one above but I did just main illustrations  as I still haven't decided what colour the letters should be (green?)...

This is my second mouse, the first, the old one, was too bad to keep so I decided to redo it. I quite like it, but I think I shouldn't do this thick line on her cheek...

I like those three, mabye they are not technically very good yet but I feel I am getting there and secondly, they should feel like soft stuffed toys and I think I have achived that. The only problem is I have done letters from my older childs name and I need different ones but this just means lot more relaxin painting, hurray! I am going to do all alphabet anyway as I am getting interest from my friends.
Now I have to do some new things for my other blog about polymer clay creations as it has been covered with a thick coat of dust for last couple of months and I am not happy with that at all.

Also you can expect some baking here again as I love, love to make cookies. I bought cupcakes magazine last week, full of wanderfull recipes to try out :)) Spring is coming!


  1. Aż się prosi z tych projektów zrobić flash-cards do nauki literek dla dzieci. Pocieszne są :)

  2. Thanks Aguha, I have to think about it, maybe I will:)

  3. oooh you are clever...if only I could draw even a little bit like that:)

  4. Thanks Gwen...but I think you have very nice style of your own on your blog! :)