Thursday, 20 October 2011

Project no.1 - CATS...

So this is a start, I had to have some starting point and to do so I've decided to follow projects from wonderful book I own. The book is about going back to drawing again and have fun with it, without any BIG OVERWHELMING GOALS in mind. This is exactly what I  am going to do. I haven't been drawing properly (apart from a few sketches of my daughter...) for about 8-9 years now..that is a long long time. My fingers became stiff, and this is quite frustrating really knowing what you WHERE capable of once...and you're no more any of this...but with drawing there is a calming thing, you can always go back and by practising routine, determination and perseverance you can get where you belong... again.

First project is CATS. To draw cats in different situations and poses, quick drawings, best from nature, if not - from photo references (this is what I did as I don't own a cat and don't have any friends with cats around). After that next step is to take drawings further, redrawing, trying different mediums, applying color to the favourite ones and so on...nothing too serious.

I made a few, most of them are kittens:

I made another  three of adult cats and  I have some ideas what to do with them next:))

First one is not so simplistic like the kittens, but I like it that way. I am going to do some watercolor and pencils variations with this one, and the other two below:

I think it is quite a good start, I have a lot of fun doing those drawings (unfortunately from photos only as my husband is allergic to cats, there is no chance we will have one in the sad...). Next step is to take them on drawing board and have fun with a different mediums, my favourites are inks, watercolors mixed with pencils. I shell have a great fun with those, can't wait!


  1. I like your sketches, the kittens are sweet, keep at it, though it can be difficult with the little ones. I found you via Geninnes blog. More sketching?

  2. Hi Julie, Thanks for the comment:))You're the very first person who left a comment on any of my blogs!I did some more sketching, for last month I was working on the other project, but recently I've decided that it is too big for my shoes. I will post some of the sketches as I am no longer obligate to keep it silent. Now I have to go back to my cats and start playing with color and different mediums as well. This is my biggest fear I have to overcome. I am really afraid of making mistakes and ruin the paper! I know it is silly, without mistakes and risk I won't get anywhere...